Your dog will have realised something new is happening long before you arrive at the kennels. We do our best to ensure a smooth transition between home and joining the other dogs in the kennel. We pay a lot of attention to the settling in phase, especially for first time boarders. When each dog arrives we go for a walk which lets us get to know the dog if it's their first visit or renew the aquaintance with regulars.

In the sleeping area we provide beds with vetbed bedding. We also ask that you bring something from home (something that is easy to wash such as fleece or towel to give the bed a familier feel for the dog), also toys. Most dogs settle very quickly, helped by a daily routine where they soon get to learn what happens next...

Heating is provided by electric heaters which keep the kennel cosy even on the coldest of days. Should anyone need extra comfort that can be provided with a heat lamp.

We have a large wooded area of two acres where we exercise the dogs. Your pet can chase a ball or play with their favourite toy, socialise with like-minded dogs, or just amble around in the company of residents Marag and Sharp.

Owners must have their dogs vaccinated against:
- Distemper - Leptospirosis - Canine Parvovirus - Hepatitis
- Para Influenza (kennel cough)

Kennel cough is administered separately from the annual booster - please check with your vet.

Vet bills are the responsibility of the owner but for conditions arising during boarding they may be recoverable through the kennel insurance to a maximum of £1,150.00 This does not apply to any
pre-existing conditions your pet may have.

Charges are £18.50 per day of boarding. Charges are made per day of boarding, no charge is made for the final day if the dog is picked up by 12 noon. A reduction of 10% is made for two or three dogs sharing a unit. 24 hour emergency veterinary cover is provided. In the event of an emergency we will use the Old School Vet Clinic in Broadford who will liaise with your own vet.

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